A Journey of Faith.

Tiffany Simpson and Jayden SimpsonHi, my name is Tiffany Simpson and I am the founder of the Speaking Autism program. This program was birthed from my own personal experience as a single mom raising a son with autism.

In 2011, I met a crossroad in my journey when my son was diagnosed with autism. It was during this challenge that I taught myself to develop websites, computer games and mobile apps, to help him academically and socially.
I remember clearly one afternoon, after the diagnosis, I was observing my son. He was trying to tell me something, but his speech was not developing, it was a lot of babbling. He was already 3 years old and the only word he could say audibly was “yes”.

While observing him, I noticed that his mouth was opening and closing, but he was not moving his lips to form the words. It was very frustrating to him, not being able to explain himself and what he wanted and his tantrums were the only outlet he had… and these tantrums were really bad. I could not take him anywhere. I was the single mom who did not know what she was doing, with a “devil child”.

I didn’t have the money to get my son speech therapy, and for the first time in my life, I started to question my journey as an entrepreneur. Should I stay the course? Or do I walk away for something more secure for me and my son? Seems like my parents were right after all. I felt so sick, I didn’t know what to do. So that night, I asked God to show me where to apply my faith, so that I can help my son to cope with his condition.

The following day the idea came to me to use the camera on my cellphone, to record my mouth, while saying my son’s name, his age and other words that he might need to use in conversations at his age.

I was on to something. I felt alive! I was seeing progress. Not only was he saying words, but I noticed that his tantrums became less. I started to ask him questions like “What is your name?” and “What is your age?” and I would record our little Q&A session on my cellphone.

What I noticed was that any question that had the word “name” in it, he would respond with his own name. I realize that he was only processing the word “name” in the question, and not the question itself. I realized that I had to quickly come up with a solution that could help him to visualize the variations in different questions that used the same words. That’s when the idea came to me to develop a computer game to help him see the variations.

I have a degree in Science with a major in Math and Physics, to make matters worse, I had never had a formal computer class in my life (up to this day). I asked God once more to show me where to start, and it took me about 4 weeks to teach myself to develop flash games in Adobe Flash Professional. I started with a very simple game, and I kept developing it.

Since then, I have created several businesses selling computer games, mobile apps and developing websites. The new skill that was developed from finding a solution to my personal challenges, has afforded my son and I a great life. In fact, I was able to accomplish all this while remaining debt free. Thanks be to God! Click here to learn more about my leap of faith.

I want other families to have access to the type of resources that has helped my son and I on our journey to coping with autism. I found something that has worked for me and I believe that many more families can experience the same types of breakthroughs. And I need your help in making it happen.

The Results

Today, my son is 9 years old and has autism. He is an entrepreneur and the creator of The Games Space. This is a VLOG that showcases his love for computer games as well as his favorite places to visit. Here are some videos that showcase how well his speech, social skills and confidence have developed.

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Speaking Autism was created by an autism family for autism families. We are no strangers to the needs of families who are coping with autism. The solutions we have designed are created to be practical and reachable. We believe that every autism family can strive in the real world. And we offer the support to help them achieve this.

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