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Building Resilience in Children with Special Needs

By October 30, 2017Journal
Building Resilience in Children With Special Needs

In yesterday's blog post, I shared with you a little bit about my journey as a single mom and entrepreneur raising a son with autism and how I was able to teach myself to create computer games and mobile apps to help my son overcome challenges with his speech and social skills. The results were amazing. Today my son is 9 years old and is an entrepreneur. He is a kid gamer and brand ambassador. You can check out his website, The Games Space. You can also visit my website TiffanySimpson.com, if you would like to learn more about our businesses.

Today I want to share with you an interview from ParentPumpRadio.com. In this interview I talked about some of the ways I was able to help my son build resilience through entrepreneurship and effective communication.

Here are some of the topics that were discussed in this interview:

  1. Some of the reasons and events that brought about my non-traditional parenting style.
  2. Some of the milestones we have made as mompreneur and kidpreneur.
  3. Some programs I have developed to help other parents and families experience similar breakthroughs.
  4. I offer a few tips on improving the communication style in the home.
  5. I offer tips on how parents can tap into their child(ren)’s gift to help them to create positive reinforcements and establish effective communication in the home.
  6. I outline effective strategies for parents to identify solutions for helping their children to build resilience and good self-esteem from early and the role effective communication plays in achieving this.
  7. Future projects that are geared towards helping parents start the process of communicating effectively with their children.

You can click on the player below to start the interview.

If you would like more tips on building resilience in children with special learning needs and ways of communicating effectively in the home, subscribe to our weekly podcast show, I Speak Autism. My son an I offer some tips on how we are able to communicate effectively with each other while navigating our day to day activities as we continue to build our future.


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