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Overcoming Challenges With Autism

By October 28, 2017Journal

Hi, and thanks for stopping by. My name is Tiffany Simpson and I am the founder of the Speaking Autism program. The program is birthed out of a program I created for my son. Like many of you, after receiving the news that my son is autistic, I struggled to find resources to help my son with his challenges. With very little options, I was forced to create a solution.

Today, I want to celebrate a milestone in our journey. It has been more than 6 years of hard work and determination, but I can finally say, that we have overcome most of our major challenges.

Back Story

After college, I went looking for a job and when no one would hire me, I decided to start my own business. And I failed at it. Then, in 2011, I got some depressing news. My son was diagnosed with autism. His speech was not developing and he had no social skills. I found myself being a single mom, raising a son with autism and a wannabe entrepreneur.

For the first time in my life, I started to think that I would have to give up on my dreams of owning a successful business. I needed something more secure for me and my son.

Not only did my dreams of owning a successful business seem to be over, but having a healthy family life seem to be an impossible feat as well. My son could not verbalize his needs and his frustrations manifested in the wildest tantrums. I could not take him anywhere. It was depressing, I felt isolated and cut off from society.

People had mean things to say and the harsh criticisms did not make the burden any less. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of impossible. It looked hopeless.

But one day, I asked God to show me where to apply my faith. I needed a solution to my problem and I knew that I would have to take action. I was a college graduate, and a single mom raising a son with autism. Getting a job would have given us some degree of financial “security”, but where would I leave my son if I should go to work? WHO would look after him? Would they be able to cope?

Then one afternoon, I was noticing my son’s speech pattern as he was trying to tell me something. He would open and close his mouth, while making sounds, but he was not moving his lips to form his words.

That’s when the idea came to me, to use the camera on my cellphone to record my mouth while saying his name and other words he would use at his age. I would let him sit and watch the video for hours. He would not only mimic the sounds, but he would mimic the movement of my lips as well. It took some time, but he began to say the words very clearly.

We were making progress. It was good, I felt great… my son felt even better. We could start showing our face again. This was awesome. But as time progressed, I noticed that my son was outgrowing the little videos I made on the cellphone. He needed more, he needed to understand the variation in sentence structure.

This was when the idea came to me to develop computer games that would ask him specific questions and he would be able to select his response. I thought it was genius. I had one small problem though… I didn’t know anything about building computer games. In fact, I have a degree in Math and Physics and I have never taken any formal computer lessons in my life.

I decided to make good on my bright idea. I headed over to YouTube for some lessons in game development and 4 weeks later, I created my first game using Adobe Flash Professional. Not only did the games work, but I was also able to create several businesses selling educational games and mobile apps. I also won several awards for my tech start-ups.

Success Comes in Pairs

So, I guess you are wondering how my son is doing, right? He is doing exceptional. And now that we are this far along in our journey, I can safely say, that the key to my success was always hinged on finding a solution to help my son overcome his challenges with autism. My success, is his success.
He can now face the world with confidence, because he can express himself.

Today, he is 9 years old, with autism and he is the creator of The Games Space. The Games Space is a vlog that showcases my son’s love for computer games. Each week he showcases his favorite games or places to visit. He receives sponsorship for his weekly show as a brand ambassador. Yes, he has is own business.

About Speaking Autism

Now that we have come this far in our journey, we want to share our knowledge with other families who are struggling to coop with autism. There are many out there who just need some direction and ideas that can help them to recover their life. I know it is hard... I have been there. But what was even harder for me, was the idea that my son would grow up without a chance of surviving in the real world and something in me decided that I had to do something to change that.

Some Final Thoughts…

Today, I would like to offer you some encouragement. Despite all the challenges you are faced with in life, there is one thing that you should always remember: never give up. It is sometimes easy to just throw in the towel when life starts throwing hooks and uppercuts. But when you do give up, what will become of you?

Are you ready to live a life of misery, to wallow in despair for the rest of your years? Will you not be sorry and regretful, spending your life thinking about what could have been if only you kept going?

Remember, the ability to achieve anything in life requires you to go through challenges and changes that will help you grow into something better.

Thanks for reading. If you are up to it, please share with me some of the challenges you were able to overcome in your journey with autism.

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  • Jacob Eliot says:

    Thank you for your story. I’m 23 and I am diagnosed with high functioning Autism. I’ve faced challenges with social interaction speech and communication among other areas of development. I have overcome many of my challenges and now I’m a Motivational Speaker and I am starting with Autism before I branch out. Your story is both uplifting and motivating because many have and still struggle with what you have went through with your son. Many people can benefit from this story.

  • I just ran across your tweet- love what you are doing. The positive vibe I’ve gotten from your page is immeasurable. Reading your story, reminded me of ours (Chris and I). I always tell Chris – God put you with me and me with you. Guess he thought we could help each other. It seems to be the same for you and your son. Big hugs and lots of love. -From one parent to another 😉

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